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Our Name Change and the Foundation

In 2008 the Foundation of CSUMB changed its name to the University Corporation at Monterey Bay. This was done to make way for the creation of a philanthropic foundation, which would be called the Foundation of CSUMB. Changing our name to the University Corporation at Monterey Bay better reflects our focus on campus business enterprises in support of California State University, Monterey Bay.

The University Corporation at Monterey Bay is committed to supporting a culture of openness, trust, and integrity in all of its management and business practices. Our important documents are posted in various locations on our website but the Reporting Transparency page gathers all those links in one location.

The new Foundation of CSUMB has a single role - to develop the private funding needed to achieve the goals of the University. It will take an active role in shaping the present and the future of the University - providing financial assistance to its scientific, literary, educational, and charitable purposes through gifts, grants, loans, and allocations to the University and its controlled affiliates. With its success, the Foundation will ensure that students have the facilities, resources, and long-term support to fulfill the University's promise to the people of the Monterey Bay region and the state of California, becoming one of California's very best public universities.

What Does the Corporation Do?

The University Corporation at Monterey Bay (the "Corporation") exists to enhance the educational program of the campus; directly serve students, faculty, and staff; and provide services to the public. Although the Corporation is a legally separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, it is a fully integrated part of the California State University, Monterey Bay campus.

The Corporation administers sponsored programs - better known as Grants & Contracts - as well as fund development, providing accounting and reporting expertise.

The Corporation also manages the student housing located on the Main Campus, North Quad, and the East Campus in Frederick Park as well as the faculty/staff housing located on the East Campus in Schoonover Park. Additionally, the Corporation is responsible for the business enterprises on campus including - but not limited to - campus dining services, bookstore operations, and conference and event services.

The Corporation is self-supporting and does not receive additional funding from state sources.